Exploring the Exquisite Gastronomy of Formentera: An Essential Restaurant Guide

Formentera, the hidden gem of the Balearic archipelago, captivates not only with its crystal-clear beaches and idyllic landscapes but also offers an exceptional gastronomic experience. From family-run establishments to haute cuisine restaurants, the island boasts a wide variety of culinary options to satisfy all tastes. In this guide, we will explore some of the standout restaurants in Formentera that deserve to be part of your gastronomic itinerary.

Can Carlos

Can Carlos offers a delightful dining experience in Formentera, with a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s charming ambiance and impeccable service make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
Website: Can Carlos Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 55 58

Chez Gherdi

Nestled in the heart of Formentera, Chez Gherdi is a hidden gem known for its exquisite French cuisine and romantic atmosphere. With a focus on fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients, this restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience.
Website: Chez Gherdi Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 41 22

Moli de Sal

Moli de Sal combines traditional Spanish flavors with innovative culinary techniques to create a menu that delights the senses. Situated in a renovated mill, the restaurant offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Website: Moli de Sal Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 52 16


Macondo captures the essence of Formentera with its laid-back vibe and eclectic menu. From fresh seafood to mouthwatering tapas, this beachfront restaurant is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.
Website: Macondo Formentera
Phone:+34 971 32 45 81


With its vibrant atmosphere and flavorful dishes, Ritmo is a must-visit destination for food lovers in Formentera. Whether you’re craving traditional Spanish cuisine or international fare, this restaurant has something for everyone.
Website: Ritmo Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 58 39

Es Codol Foradat

Es Codol Foradat invites guests to savor the flavors of Formentera in a picturesque setting overlooking the sea. Known for its creative dishes and attentive service, this restaurant promises a culinary experience to remember.
Website: Es Codol Foradat Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 65 92

Casa Pacha

Casa Pacha offers a taste of luxury in Formentera, with its elegant decor and sophisticated menu. From gourmet cocktails to indulgent desserts, this restaurant caters to discerning diners looking for a memorable dining experience.
Website: Casa Pacha Formentera
Phone:+34 971 32 77 77


Fandango delights diners with its innovative fusion cuisine and lively atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Formentera, this restaurant is perfect for those seeking a unique culinary adventure.
Website: Fandango Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 61 50

Juan y Andrea

Juan y Andrea is a beachfront institution in Formentera, renowned for its fresh seafood and relaxed ambiance. Whether you’re dining with your toes in the sand or enjoying a meal on the terrace, this restaurant promises a true taste of paradise
Website: Juan y Andrea Formentera
Phone: +34 971 32 58 14

Es Calo

Es Calo offers a rustic dining experience in Formentera, with its charming surroundings and authentic Spanish cuisine. From grilled meats to hearty stews, this restaurant celebrates the rich culinary traditions of the region.
Website:Es Calo Formentera
Phone:+34 971 32 64 29

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