Home Owners

SINGULAR VILLAS Offers owners the possibility to expand your real estate market to people who want to rent with cryptocurrency. We showcase your property to a different group of people: The Bitcoin Community. As owner you can always choose to recieve Bitcoin or Euros.

We are always looking for new luxury villas and quality apartments for our demanding clientele, mainly composed of English, French, German, and North European vacationers in general. Whether you have a beachfront villa or a magnificent luxury home with a breathtaking view, we carefully pay attention to the selection of properties that we reference.

With a strategy developed throughout the years in real estate , we are able to provide you with all the tools to promote and rent your villa.

As a partner, you will have access to feasibility advice (project stage before renting out), an audit on the pricing of your property, on the marketing and on the management of your property (villa management).